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Plant Agrobiodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman

Stakeholder Consultation Workshop  

   2-3 November, 2015


Organized by OAPGRC and held at the Park Inn Hotel, the workshop covered themes including Oman's plant agrobiodiversity; local plant species on the IUCN's Red List; the use of plant genetic resources; conservation strategies for crop landraces; crop wild relatives, and medicinal plants; and the impact of climate change on plant genetic resources.

In addition to OAPGRC, organizations providing input to the strategy and participating at the two-day workshop included representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries; Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs; Ministry of Heritage & Culture; Sultan Qaboos University; Oman Botanic Garden; National Field Research Center for Environment Conservation; and Royal Court Affairs. 

Advising on the strategy is Dr. Nigel Maxted, Senior Lecturer in Genetic Conservation at the University of Birmingham. Dr. Maxted is a globally recognized genetic conservation expert who has recently been involved in developing a strategic options paper for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 

  • A number of topics were covered including :
    Plant Agrobiodiversity of Oman
  • Red list for plant species of Oman
  • Use of Plant Genetic Resources Cultivated and wild socioeconomic plant resources of Oman
  • Conservation strategy for Crop Landraces
  • Conservation strategy for Crop Wild Relatives (CWR)
  • Conservation strategy for Medicinal Plants
  • Conservation strategy for Wild Harvested Plant Species
  • Impact of climate change on Plant Genetic Resources