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Establishment of  Fungi Culture Collection


 ​Objectives​Actions​   Outcomes​Team

​1. To establish a culture collection of fungi.

2. To generate a database for the isolates which will be linked in the future with a main database at OAPGRC.


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1. The characterization and conservation of fungal isolates accumulated at the Plant Pathology Research Laboraory (PPRL) and the generation of a database of the cultures.

2. The collection of additional isolates in order to ensure their preservation.

3. The collation of information about these fungi and the generation of a usable database that serves and meets the needs of both researchers and the community

1. Transferred and saved approximately 1,467 samples of fungi to the Gene Bank at the University of Nizwa

2. Backup copies are about 1800 samples in Sultan Qaboos University

3. The samples were saved in three ways: Slant, lyophilized, and DNA samples.

4. Samples data will be transferred to a specialized database developed by the center to be a documented reference for all existing fungi in the Sultanate for researchers and specialists to carry out further research and discoveries.



SQU's College of Agriculture & Fisheries

Dr. Abdullah Al Sadi's team from SQU's Department of Crop Sciences