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Establishment of  Fungi Culture Collection


 ​Objectives​Actions​   Outcomes​Team

​1. To establish a culture collection of fungi.

2. To generate a database for the isolates which will be linked in the future with a main database at OAPGRC.


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1. The characterization and conservation of fungal isolates accumulated at the Plant Pathology Research Laboraory (PPRL) and the generation of a database of the cultures.

2. The collection of additional isolates in order to ensure their preservation.

3. The collation of information about these fungi and the generation of a usable database that serves and meets the needs of both researchers and the community

1. Transferred and saved approximately 1,181 ​ samples of fungi to the Gene Bank at the University of Nizwa

2. Backup copies are about 1800 samples in Sultan Qaboos University

3. The samples were saved as: Slant, lyophilized, and DNA samples.

4. Samples data transferred to OAPGRC database



Dr. Abdullah Al Sadi's team from SQU's Department of Crop Sciences

OAPGRC Team members: Dua'a Al-Moqbali and Moza Al-Kharousi