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Broadening access to genetic resources is a major step in biodiversity conservation and with this in mind OAPGRC has created a series of online databases of Oman's plant and animal species.



OAPGRC would like to thank the following organizations for providing data:

The Natural History Museum (Ministry of Heritage and Culture); the Directorate General of Agricultural & Livestock Research and the    Marine Science & Fisheries Center (Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries); the College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences and the College of Science (Sultan Qaboos University); the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs.

OAPGRC would also like to thank the following for their continued support:

Ms. Azza Al Jabir and Ms. Hanan Al Nabhani of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture; Eng. Safaa Al Farsi and Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Marzooqi of the Minsitry of Agriculture & Fisheries; Dr. Michel R. G. Claereboudt and Dr. Khalid Al-Hashmi of Sultan Qaboos University; Mr. Bader Al-Balushi  of the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs.


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