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 OAPGRC E-Newsletter

OAPGRC’s popular E-Newsletter is produced every quarter. It contains articles, features and interviews on Oman’s wealth of genetic resources, details of research into them, information on their possibilities and potential for innovators and entrepreneurs as well as updates on our news and activities.


Marine​                 Issue 17OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)​​

Plant​                 Issue 16OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)

Animal                 Issue 15 OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OA​PGRC ​Newsletter (E-book)​​​
Microbial​                 Issue 14OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
​​Marine                     ​Issue 13O​APGRC Newsletter (pdf)​OA​PGRC ​Newsletter (E-book)​​​
Plant​        ​         ​Issue 12​​​​O​APGRC Newsletter (pdf)​OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)​
Animal​    ​​             Issue 11OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
​Microbial​                 Issue 10OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
Marine​                   Issue 9OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
 ​Plant                 ​Issue 8​​ OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
 ​Animal                 ​ Issue 7​​ OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
 Microbial                 ​ Issue 6 OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf) ​​OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
 Marine                 Issue 5 OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf) OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
 Plant                 Issue 3 OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)   OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)
​ Animal​                  Issue 2 ​ OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf)   ​   ​OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)

​                 Issue 1

OAPGRC Newsletter (pdf) OAPGRC Newsletter (E-book)