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The Genetic​ Resources Information Platform


The conservation and management of Oman's plant genetic resources consists of different interrelated activities, all generating large amounts of data. Broadening access to information like this is a major step in biodiversity conservation and with this in mind OAPGRC has created a series of online databases of Oman's plant and animal species. ​

Recognised as one of the most ambitious and comprehensive genetic databases in the Middle East, GRIP was built in partnership with Biodiversity International and key national stakeholders. Helping support and preserve indigenous plants, it also empowers Oman to respond to biosecurity issues, environmental challenges and threats to food security.

Based on the GRIN-Global Schema and in line with both Oman's eGovernment framework and international requirements, GRIP holds 13,000+ data sets on over 1,400 Omani plant species. ​

GRIP is accessible to anyone in the world, free of charge through the OAPGRC website.

OAPGRC Project Team

Dr Ali Al Lawati

Eng. Almundhar Al Mamari

Ms. Siham Al Rashidi

Click here to access GRIPView GRIP                    ​