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The purpose of the Science café, in any country, is to strengthen science literacy, bringing it into the daily life, by engaging the community and scientists in an informal setting through dialogue about current scientific issues and their impact on the culture and society. Then science often perceived as boring and difficult, will be seen as relevant, powerful and important. The science café is to simplify the understanding of scientific issues by conducting informal discussion with community. Thus, it has more to do with community participation than just science. The driving forces of the science café meeting are always the questions, actions and discussions of the public, regulated by a capable moderator.
The Concept

A panel of experts in the field of biodiversity raise issues related to biodiversity and society with an audience through informal discussions, the last Wednesday of each month.


 The Target Audience

Typically the audience number in a Science Café meeting is between 30 to 40 attendants, which includes academics, thinkers and interested members of the community at large.



Aim & Objectives

The Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center (OAPGRC) created the first series of Science Café sessions mainly aiming to establish a platform for mutual learning and dissemination of knowledge and examples in the Sultanate. To our knowledge, no such Science Café was ever conducted in the Sultanate of Oman.

The objectives of the OAPGRC science café are to:

  •   1.  Strengthen dialogue between scientists and the ommunity.
  •   2. Educate and raise awareness on genetic resources to non-experts   and professionals.
  •   3. Contribute to discussions about opportunities and future chanllenges.
  •   4. Build networks and share experiences, expertise and best practices.


file-video-icon.png What is Science Café ?​​