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​​​Oman, thanks to its diverse climatic conditions, size and geography, is blessed with a treasure trove of outstanding biodiversity, an abundance of which is reflected at the genetic level. This unique pool of genetic resources spans the animal, marine, and plant worlds, both domesticated and wild, as well as the world of microorganisms.


Following His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's order to review Oman's opportunities in protection of its globally significant genetic resources, the Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center (OAPGRC) was established by The Research Council in 2012.


Our mission is to promote recognition, sustainable exploitation and valuation of genetic diversity inherent in Oman's animals, plants and microorganisms as a natural heritage resource. And it is our vision to develop as a collaborative hub for all animal and plant genetic resources activities; promote the sustainable use of knowledge across economic sectors and s​ocial segments; create value from world-class research and practical innovation; share our work with the world of international science and build recognized local capacity in the field of genetic resources.


With policy, expertise and capacity building, and extracting value underpinning all our activities, we work with a variety of local stakeholders and partners - from farmers to scientists to government organizations - on twenty-eight programs that will help us fulfil our remit and achieve our goals. They include research, data collection, conservation, public awareness and community engagement.


We share our experience, expertise and best practice through participation in a variety of committees, conferences, workshops, seminars and training activities and we proudly promote OAPGRC through activities which include: school outreach, exhibitions, workshops and science cafes.


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