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In 2050, we will live in a very different world, one in which the population is expected to reach nine billion and in which the effects of climate change will have firmly taken hold. If you consider the implications of that growth and those conditions – from impacts on natural resources to food security and healthcare and much, much more - it is no surprise that local as well as international businesses are today making biodiversity issues a top priority in their business models and sustainability strategies.

To support this effort, OAPGRC will promote the business case for genetic resources by raising biodiversity awareness and knowledge among Oman's business community through the launch of two important projects: Value added and Genetics innovation grants. These will highlight, demonstrate and promote the wide-ranging benefits Omani businesses can expect to derive from the sultanate's biodiversity and its sustainable management.

Indeed, it is our firm belief that by investing responsibly in the sultanate's wealth of genetic resources, Omani enterprises can not only boost their own bottom lines but also advance the continued prosperity, international competitiveness and development of our country along with making a significant contribution to the well-being of our people and, potentially, that of the international community.

Whether it is enhancing the ecosystem services that support the conditions for life, benefiting from the natural resources necessary for the creation of products, or mitigating the business costs resulting from droughts, air pollution, water quality or climate-related threats - it all begins in one place and that's protecting and investing in biodiversity. And Oman's unique array of biodiversity is a particularly rich treasure chest of opportunity and possibility in this regard.


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