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The Socioeconomic Plant Conservation Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman aims to provide a blueprint for the conservation of the genetic diversity of our plant genetic resources. It emphasizes in particular crop landraces, crop wild relatives, medicinal plants and wild harvested species that are of socioeconomic importance at national and regional level.

As OPAGRC unrolls this strategy and the value of our plant genetic resources is recognized, we will contribute to the overall development of ecosystem, environment and food security in Oman. Furthermore, by promoting policies and viable programs for the enhanced use of our plant diversity, OAPGRC will assist in the generation of jobs and the creation of new businesses and enterprises, thus helping secure the long-term economic prosperity and development of the sultanate.

The Socioeconomic Plant Conservation Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman is divided into three parts and has eleven chapters in total:

Part 1 Background & Justification

Composed of two chapters, this addresses the general background to Plant Genetic Resources and their importance to food security and wealth creation in Oman.

Part 2 Conservation & Use Strategies

This comprises seven chapters and provides an introduction to socioeconomic plant resources analysis. Four of the chapters in Part 2 focus on the conservation of crop landraces, crop wild relatives, medicinal plants, and wild harvested plants. The other chapters address the impact of climate change and how sustainable plant genetic resource use might be promoted.

Part 3 Synthesis & Recommendations

This important section of the Strategy provides recommendations for conservation action. 

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