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Summer Scout Camp 

Jebal Ashwer, Dhofar Province 

11-18  August 2017

The Summer Scout Camp is organised by he Ministry of Education of the Sultanate of Oman. The camp includes a variety of scientific, cultural, scout, technical, sport and social activities, along with sessions promoting a culture of voluntary work and skills training. Participating fully in this important and enjoyable initiative, OAPGRC introduced the scouts to:

1. The importance of genetic resources, their conservation and protection.

2. The role of genetic resources in the environment and the eco-system that supports life on Earth.

3. The socioeconomic importance of genetic resources.

4. The potential of genetic resources for innovation and entrepreneurship.

 We also showed camp participants:

How to take soil samples – demonstrating the role of this in agriculture and construction.

How to take plant samples – with a focus on medicine and agriculture, we highlighted its importance in detecting diseases and element deficiency in plants.

Supervising all aspects of our participation in the Summer Scout Camp was OAPGRC's Dr. Hameed Ch Ali Alkhafaji.