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OAPGRC Taxidermy Workshop

Sultan Qaboos University's Agricultural Experiment Station

1 – 2 April 2019  

The Oman Center for Animal and Plant Genetic Resources (OAPGRC) will hold a taxidermy workshop 1 – 2 April at the Animal and Veterinary Science Center at Sultan Qaboos University's Agricultural Experiment Station.

Where the Center invited several relevant governmental and private organizations to participate in this workshop. The aim of the workshop is to preserve and document animal genetic resources through the process of embalming because of its historical and biological importance. It also aims to provide more stuffed animals to the treasures of Oman exhibition. It also aims to enhance cooperation with partners from government agencies and private entities and to familiarize participants with the methods and tools of the modern embalming process and equip them with the necessary skills. This workshop is the first of its kind in the field of animal mummification in the Sultanate.

Amongst those participating in this OAPGRC workshop will be representatives from the Oman Natural History Museum; the Office for Conservation of Environment, Diwan of Royal Court; Omani Wild Animals Breeding Center, Royal Court Affairs; the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, SQU; the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs; the Mounted Police Unit, ROP; the University of Nizwa; Al Naman Zoo, Barka; the National Center for Field Research in Environmental Conservation; and Haya Water.​