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Workshop on National Strategy for Conservation & Utilization of Domesticated Animal Genetic Resources 

The Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center

10 April 2019


The Oman Center for Animal and Plant Genetic Resources (OAPGRC) hosted a workshop for the development of a national strategy for the conservation and utilization of Oman’s domesticated animal genetic resources on 10 April. Organized in co-operation with Subul Studies Company the workshop will be led by Professor Dr. Stephen Hall from the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences.

Amongst those taking part in this OAPGRC workshop and contributing to the formulation strategy will be expert representatives from the Directorate General for Agriculture & Livestock Research; the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs; the Natural History Museum; the National Field Research Center for Environmental Conservation of Diwan of Royal Court; the Office for Conservation of the Environment of Diwan of Royal Court and the Veterinary Clinic of the Royal Court of Affairs; the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, SQU; A'Sharqiyah University; The Mounted Police Division, ROP; the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations; Muscat Municipality; the Environment Society of Oman; Oman Food and Investment Holdings; Al Batinah Region Farmers Agricultural Association; Al Ruwad Consulting and Development Center; A'Saffa Foods.


  Animal Strategy Workshop Brochure