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​Oman Animal & Plant Genetic Resources Center

  • Animal


    Research on collection, characterization, sustainable breeding and use of unique kinds of farm animals, conservation and proliferation of native wild animal species.

  • plant


    Research on adding value to crops and medicinal plants, preservation and proliferation of endangered native plants, eradication of introduced invasive species.

  • Marine


    Research and recommendations on commercial usage of marine organisms, aquaculture, preservation of coral reefs, aid studies on marine natural compounds.

  • Microorganism


    Cataloging and collecting microorganisms specific to Oman, research on the extreme microbial environments, engineering and usage of local microbial strains.

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Did You Know!!

Waste water and solid waste treatment are examples of microorganisms transforming industrial waste into non-toxic, utilizable materials.

  • Who we are?

    Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center is a collaborative organization for advancing the sustainable use of animal and plant genetic resources through education, research and innovation. Our aim is to create value for society from genetic resources. 

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