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​​Collection, Identification and Preservation of Macrofungal species in the Sultanate of Oman

The first complete project of its kind in Oman, the main objective of this research is the collection, identification and preservation of the macrofungi species, which grow naturally in the different areas in the Sultanate, as well as during the different times of year - especially the Dhofar region's monsoon (khareef) season.


Aims & Objectives To collect, identify and preserve macrofungi species, which grow naturally in different areas and in different seasons in the Sultanate of Oman especially in the Dhofar region's monsoon season.

Specific aims

  • o  Establish Oman's first collection and database of macrofungi following standard collection methods
  • o  Identify the taxonomically undetermined species of macrofungi using both morphological and molecular methods as well as characterization
  • o  Produce a catalogued and representative collection of properly preserved macrofungi specimens using standard preservation techniques

o  Publish scientific paper(s) on the outcomes


March - June 2018


Project design


September 2018


Study area & sample collection


August - October 2018


Order required items


November 2018 – July 2019


Morphological & molecular identification


August 2019



September 2019

Final Report





Achievements/ Impacts/ Outcomes
  • o  The Collection Phase was carried out in the Dhofar region 1–15 September 2018 with the assistance of the Mazon Hiking Group whose local knowledge of the area and mountain experience proved invaluable
  • o  Approximately 84 samples were gathered, photographed and labelled
  • o  The resulting database of the collection, the first on macrofungi in the Sultanate, has been submitted to OAPGRC
  • o  To enable further analysis the collection has been preserved at –80 ºc at SQU's College of Agriculture and Marine Science
Project Team

o​ Dr Abdullah Al Sadi, Dean of College of Agriculture & Marine Science, Sultan Qaboos University

o​ Volunteer Collectors, Mazon Hiking Group

o​ Dr Nadiya Al Saady, OAPGRC : Moza Al Kharousi, Dua'a Al Moqbali, Abdullah Al Balushi, Ibrahim Al Sabahi

Project Management


o  Sultan Qaboos University

o  Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs