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Microbial Culture Collections for Preservation of Economically Important Microbes Workshop

16 July 2019​

​Oman Institute of Oil and Gas

Running from 14th to 18th July, an OAPGRC workshop on the preservation of economically significant microbial collections is being held at the Centre's new headquarters on Innovation Park Muscat and includes site visits to the University of Nizwa and Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).

The workshop lead by Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed from the National Culture Collection of Pakistan and focus on the management of the OAPGRC microbial collection and setting up a new facility to ensure its proper preservation. A range of pertinent issues, including clarifying practical approaches to the identification and classification of novel species of bacteria for conservation will be discussed as will Oman's microbial genetic resources legislation and policies.​

Noting the importance of microbes in biotechnology, Dr. Nadiya Al Saady, OAPGRC Executive Director, said: "The purpose of this workshop is not just the preservation and conservation of Oman's unique microbial genetic resources. In this exciting time for biotechnology - one of the most fascinating fields shaping our future - when new breakthroughs are being made in medicine, energy, food processing, environmental engineering and more, our microbial wealth offers fertile ground for scientists and researchers. Indeed, teams at SQU are already collaborating on the development of microbial fuel cell devices for real applications to support the Sultanate's future energy resources. Work like this opens up a range of possibilities for local businesses, and has the potential to attract significant investment into Oman. It is therefore essential that we have the correct information in place and the appropriate systems and frameworks up and running to make sure we are well positioned to take full advantage of the upcoming opportunities – and this is what this worksh​op is setting out to do." 

  Microbial Cullture Collection Workshop Brochure​