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Scientific Publications                                      ​


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Malpigmentation in Diagramma pictum and Pardachirus marmoratus Collected from the Arabian Sea Coasts of Oman,2017

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Marine Phytoplankton Guide of Oman's Water 2017.
The Effect of Climate Change on Plant Genetic Resources and Agriculture in Oman 2017.

Regional Conference on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources 2016.


A checklist pf fungi in Oman.png

A Checklist of Fungi in Oman 2016.

Improvement of Omani Local Bread Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars through Breeding 2015. ​
First Meeting of Medicinal Plants Focal Points of lORA RCSTT cum Exhibition 2014.

Forage Productivity of Three Introduced Sorghum × Sudan grass Hybrids under Irrigation in three Arid Areas in Oman 2014.
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Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum)in Oman 2014.

Adaptability of Canola (Brassica juncea) Varieties in Different Regions of Oman 2011.

A Study on Germination Rate, Dry Matter Weight and Amylase Activity of Medicago sativa L. (alfalfa) under Induced NaCl Stress 2013.

Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Banana Cultivars (Musa cvs.) from the South of Oman using AFLP Markers and Classification by Phylogenetic, Hierarchical Clustering and Principal Component Analyses 2010.

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Omani Banana Cultivars (Musa cv.) using AFLP Markers 2010.
‘Candidatus Phytoplasma omanense’, associated with witches’-broom of Cassia italica (Mill.) Spreng. in Oman 2008.
A divergent isolate of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus from Oman with an associated DNAsatellite: an evolutionary link between Asian and the Middle Eastern virus–satellite complexes 2008.