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Value-added Product Development​

  • 1. Nawa 

    An OAPGRC initiative in conjunction with ORIGO Integrated Projects LLC

    Luxurious and with proven efficacy, the Nawa Beauty Collection distills the therapeutic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammitant properties of Oman's vitamin and mineral rich native date species and transforms their sweet succulence into unique serums, creams and lotions that nourish, and protect skin, promoting collagen production to make it visibly softer, smoother, firmer and more lustrous. ​

    Complementing this, Nawa's date palm hair oil uses nature's goodness to revitalise tresses, reinforce roots, optimise healthy growth, enhance shine, and restore volume as well as thickness.​

    All Nawa products have been carefully formulated and tested under the supervision of leading dermatologists to deliver better looking and healthier skin and hair. Harvested using a specially developed technique, Nawa Date Palm Oil is 100 per cent pure and natural.​

    The Nawa range is distributed in Oman exclusively through Dar Al Harafiya and is available at selected prestigious retailers in the UAE and Qatar.

  • Inspired by traditional Omani beauty therapies and built on rigorous scientific research, Nawa all-natural organic skin and hair care products has been carefully developed to meet the sophisticated demands and tastes of the contemporary consumer.



2. Tajmee

Taking the documentation of Oman's biodiversity to a whole new level, this OAPGRC App lets everyone make a contribution to our work, anywhere, any time.

Tajmee users can:

  • Report sightings and share with others to support conservation
  • Search for species of interest
  • Discover the biodiversity that surrounds us

  • Objectives
  • Share Oman's biodiversity with the public, tourists, and visitors
  • Enrich the existing databases efficiently and cost-effectively
  • ​Create a reference that can be used in education, training and awareness