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   About the Conference

The Sultanate of Oman and neighboring countries are wealthy in animal genetic resources with a wide variety of local breeds that have played a paramount role in small farm system economy. These autochthonous populations have been shaped across the time due to their differentiated exposure to the different environmental and breeding pressures to survive and produce in harsh environmental condition and traditional husbandry systems                          

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      Objectives & Goals

    • Broad understanding of the current situation of animal genetic resources across the region

    • Expose researchers to state of the art technologies and advances in the field of animal genetics

    • Generate novel ideas and research initiatives through the interaction amongst researchers

    • Encourage the establishment of a research network in animal genetic resources


   Aims and Scope

However, to preserve these local resources it is necessary to learn more about their genetic diversity and differentiation. The update and upgrade of the information on the indigenous breeds is necessary to implement conservation programs to maintain diversity and help the preservation of environmentally and economically sustainable farming systems. Unfortunately,at the moment many of these local breeds are disappearing without,                                                                          

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.  Genetic characterization and evaluating diversity of    

    livestock breeds and conservation plans

  The use of genetics for food traceability and security

   Biobanking of reproductive cells and tissues, modern techniques in animal


 .   Breeding strategies towards a sustainable production


     Scientific Committee          Organizing Committee              

      Dr. Nadiya Abubakar Al Saady               Mr. Abdullah Ali Al-Rawahi
     Prof. Osman Mahgoub Gaafar            Prof. Osman Mahgoub Gaafar

     Dr. Albano Beja-Pereir                           Ms. Dua’a Yousuf Al-Maqbali

      Dr. Ihab Shaat                                        Mr. Khalid Ali Al Busaidi  

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